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About Earthling Organics by Ultimate Superfoods

Organic Super Foods Ingredients

Who on Earth is Earthling Organics?

Superfood, for Earthlings, by Earthlings

Our belief is that what is good for the planet is also what is good for our bodies and so that is why we choose Certified Organic and high integrity ingredients to craft our earthly delights. Earthling Organics is deeply rooted in the philosophy of LifeFood, a diet based on food that has a close resemblance of how it can be found in nature. Voting with our dollars we cast a ballot of sustainability by moving towards a Lifefood diet. For example: Food grown in a way that provides shade to the surface of the earth promotes water conservation and preserves our precious topsoil.

Our Goal

Health minded people are looking for tasteful snacks without negative consequences. Earthling Organics goes above and beyond this concept by providing the best nutritional value available, in the form of easy to eat snack bars and cereals. Many health practitioners advocate healthy food as a preventative medicine and mounting evidence suggests that health care costs can be significantly reduced with proper diet and exercise. With 65% of Americans overweight or obese and diabetes ranked as the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. and 41 million people with pre-diabetes, it is no wonder that healthy eating is becoming the norm. We also don't like GMOs of any kind. We think it is important that we keep heirloom Earthlings far from genetic mutations of any kind. Stay heirloom, avoid mutation. Eat Rawnola.


The Origin

The company began in the warm desert near Palm Springs in Southern California; the epicenter of the raw food/Superfood movement. First known under the name Jake's Unbaked, Earthling Organics began developing its signature dehydrated, uncooked, Rawnola at the dawn of the millenium. In 2009 it won the "Best In Show" Award from VegNews and since that time demand for the healthy Earthling Organics Rawnola bars went rocketing out of this world.  With demand came the high priority of maintaining the quality, consistancy, and purity, by finding existing sources for raw materials. This led Earthling Organics to Ultimate Superfoods, a source of top-tier ingredients.

Earthling Organics by Ultimate Superfoods

In a few years the relationship between the two companies grew and in 2014 Earthling Organics partnered with the Ultimate Superfoods family of food companies. Through a mutual commitment to quality Earthling Organics is growing into a nationally recognized brand through its association with companies that specialize in sourcing organic foods. Ultimate Superfoods developed its own popular brand of bulk organic foods, Ojio, which Earthling Organics uses in its Rawnola products. What is Ojio? The name, Ojio (oh-jee-oh), was developed as a phonetic representation of the multifaceted growing regions and cultures, domestic and foreign, which provide its nutrient rich ingredients. Earthling Organics Rawnola bars and cereals are carefully designed to consist of these highest quality ingredients  which are sourced with a commitment to flavorful physical wellbeing, and sustainability, in mind.

The Mission

To keep Earthlings happy by making them the healthiest snacks in the universe. All Earthling Organics’ products are manufactured and packaged at our exclusive facility located in Moorpark, California. We maintain our facility and equipment to be free of Corn, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) at all times. All of the almonds and pumpkin seeds we use are sprouted before we mix our Rawnola to make sure the best nutrients are ready for you to enjoy.

The Future

We recognize the need for good healthy foods for people living in happiness. We have discovered the key to entering the highest-levels of human health is using foods that nurture, and generate, a condition where the body can function optimally. With this in mind, we have sourced and developed products that consist of the highest quality foods and ingredients from around the globe. And new consumer products are being designed and tasted every day that meet our standards. Because of this our future is indeed bright.Like you, we take health and wellness very seriously and are quite proud to be doing what we do. So you can rest assured that while we enjoy the work we do, we are also here to provide you with the finest product, service, and value in the industry.


Currently, Earthling Organics ships to all 50 states and is available in Canada. We also export our line to Europe, Asia, and Australia. We are available in the office to assist you Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 5:30pm Pacific time and our website is, of course, always available. You can call us at (800) 728-2066 with any questions. We look forward to earning your business by helping to make sure your buying experience is as easy as possible.